10 Tips on How to be a Happy Single Muslim Woman

Being a woman is a blessing from Allah that has been bestowed upon us. Whatever we have within our grasp is a present and you should always accept gifts with graciousness focusing on what one has, not what’s missing.

I know that there is no obvious way that contributes to Happiness; we’re all different with unique needs, residing in a variety of surroundings that is why I sought the perspectives of relatives, friends and co-workers from throughout the planet on what they believed to be ideal strategies about the best way best to enjoy life as one Muslim woman.

  1. Your Obligation to Live:

Whether we like it or not we must live our present life so why spend it longing for things and considering what it’s out of reach? Trust the plan of God and love that he’s the Best of Planners.

  1. Contentment and Acceptance:

Always concentrate on what you have and make the most of it, enjoy all aspects of your day and use your time as one woman by having fulfilling aims that occupy your time productively. Look around, count your blessings and focus on nurturing any positive aspect you find inside your life.

For instance reconnect and take interest in your friends, Construct your self-confidence or just invite yourself to try new things. Never look at what others have for you won’t realize what they’re also missing. I once read a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which cautioned against looking at what others have “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So never judge and just work on your own.

  1. Focus:

Focus on what makes you happy and find yourself. Pay attention to your profession, research, hobbies or learning new skill or improving an existing one, make connection with other people and attempt to spread happiness everywhere.

Offer your energy and time wholeheartedly to anything that provides a source of pleasure and personal satisfaction.

  1. Men and Marriage Aren’t the Final and Ultimate Destination:

Marriage is a grace from Allah just like function, health and Fortune not suitable or intended for all. So, be sure to don’t get preoccupied with getting married and leave this to God’s plan for you.

It is important to realize that marriage is not everything; it’s not the solution to our problems rather than the only way to happiness. (More on this on Happy Muslim Family blog)

One of the women that participate in my research for this Report Had one bit of sound advice ‘Ignore the union authorities who make you paranoid about being unmarried (everybody has those nagging female relatives and aunties who mean well but make you feel terrible!) .

Remember there is nothing you can do about it, as it is up To Allah and the title of your spouse (if it is destined) was composed long before your presence… so you can’t rush fate.

  1. Love Yourself and Your Own Business:

Love and trust yourself, believe that you can do everything Alone easily and constantly rely on God alone. Unfortunately, the reality is that in the event that you don’t learn to love yourself and love your life as you’re on your own and single then it’s unlikely that you’ll be happy in a relationship either. Learn to breath slowly, have time for tiny details rather than rush.

  1. Know And Discover Who You Are:

Recognizing your self-worth and understanding who you are (in the absence of everybody) and that you aspire to be (if that be in the kind of action/career/outlook/behaviour) is an important step in finding happiness.

In your journey of self-discovery, you’ll surprise yourself at being able to do things you never thought you could do. This will not just enable you but will leave a sense of self-satisfaction and happiness in being able to do anything by yourself.

Challenge yourself and try new things, only then will you learn further about your preferences and what you are comfortable with.

  1. Consistency:

When you realize what you like and enjoy doing, keep at it to observe the results. Consistency is essential. Like many things in life, you want to wait and be patient until you can reap the ‘fruit’. Do a fantastic action and observe its impact on you after few months or weeks.

Going to yoga or dancing classes, music lessons or practicing sports are extremely good examples.

Participating in charity organizations and groups makes you feel helpful and beneficial to the community and gives you more energy and self esteem.

  1. Widening Your Circle:

Islam is both a singular and collectivist faith. As a Muslim, you’re essentially never alone. It’s crucial that you maintain your social circle diverse. Having various friends with many backgrounds, beliefs, social classes, nationalities …etc will always give richness to your life and allow you to develop better comprehension of life in general as well as increasing your knowledge and expertise. (More details on Happy Muslim Family website)

  1. Research Your Surrounding and Seek The Pleasure In Everything:

Muslim women are not less fortune in term of liberty; women Travel and explore every facet of the planet. Some people today believe that if you’re a hijabi Muslim woman then automatically you’re limited, however, that’s far from truth.

Few women that I interviewed went zip lining, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking in Thailand, and two of them wore hijab. Another friend has up to now tried sky diving, abseiling, and wall climbing and has never permitted her veil to stop her from pursuing new and exciting activities.

Seeking pleasure in life is not a negative thing as frequently Claimed by some, there’s delight in trying new things, in spontaneous excursions or even in simple things like enjoying observing or food sunrise/sunset. As a single individual, you have a larger freedom to explore and do things that you may not be able to do as a wife or mother.

  1. Stay At Peace with Your Spiritual Side:

Always seek the advice of God rather than ignore your spiritual needs. Attend Islamic talks, surround yourself by positive people and spiritual friends.

Having Religious friends does not always mean speaking about Islam but just hanging out and having fun with people that remind you of Allah, invite you to pray on time, do ‘dhikr’ collectively or memorize the Qur’an will help you purify your heart and strengthen your connection with Allah.


There’s no quick guide to happiness or a magic method, mainly because happiness is like any emotion — a temporary condition that won’t last forever. Therefore, we should try to be happy and at peace with the world.